Thursday, April 16, 2009

kitchen complete (mostly)

From this:

To this, in four weeks:

And this was our first meal in the new kitchen: a crusty old sandwich and a bowl of cereal.

More detailed pix and details once we've cleaned and made everything pretty.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

holy moulding, batman

Mr Woo and crew were busy today! They tiled the backsplash:

installed the pendant lights over the peninsula:

finished the recessed lights:

and installed the crown moulding:

They even patched the holes in the walls in the stairwell from when we moved the fridge. Remember this? Now we have this:

We'll be cooking tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

countertops - check

It was a long, cold, stinky afternoon, but the counters are finally finished. Long, because I have no patience. Cold, because the windows and the garage were open (see, stinky). Stinky, because of the adhesive used to hold it all together. And of course, everything is even more dusty now.

But the counters are done and they look great!

Mr. Woo's team is back tomorrow and Thursday to install the crown moulding (some of which I painted today); connect the appliances; tile the backsplash (with the tile I picked up today); install the under-cabinet lighting, pendants, and chandelier; and ??? Whew!

paint kitchen - check

We spent Easter weekend painting the kitchen. Counters will be installed today, and the rest of the work should be completed by Thursday. Woohoo!