Sunday, June 27, 2010

adventures in eating out

We get out to eat so rarely now, I figure we might as well make the most of it. So, here's the first in a series of our adventures in eating out.

Kate and Joey chose their favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint for their "rehearsal" dinner, and it was delicious! I had the house special chicken mole and Isao enjoyed the chile relleno. There might have been some margaritas involved as well...

Joey also ordered the chicken mole - and shared some with his pants.

On the way back to the hotel, we strolled through Little Italy and couldn't resist a bit of gelato.

planes, trains, and automobiles


"Hey lady! Let's board this plane!"

Miles enjoyed his first ride in an airplane, snacking and snoozing and eating the SkyMall catalog.

He promptly fell asleep when the wheels touched down at JFK. We found our way to the Air Train, and connected to the subway into Manhattan. Miles then fell asleep two stops before we got off. He really is the master of timing.

Later, we took a cab to dinner, where he fell asleep on Gramma.

What an exciting day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

sittin' pretty

Somebody is sitting up like a big boy.

what a sucker

Miles really likes his pacifier.

new wheels

Miles has graduated to a big boy stroller and it's a smooth ride.

our little monkey

Let's try some banana, shall we?

he's a simple child

Note to self: Don't buy expensive toys for Miles.

happy mother's day

Miles helped Gramma read her card:

and then we went for a walk:

more avocado

Day 2 with the avocado. Still not eating much of it, but at least we wised up and stripped him down first.

the makeover continues

I found the dandelion decal on Etsy, and we switched the trio of pictures (also from Etsy) to the opposite wall. We originally hung the mobile (again, Etsy) over the crib, but Miles liked it too much and got all riled up when he was supposed to be napping. It seems to work better to distract him on the changing table. The cross stitch was a gift from Dad's friends Zeke and Barbara, and it matches perfectly.

Eventually we'll get a slipcover made for the rocker, and hang curtains for the closet. The fun never ends!

good day, sunshine

We hadn't yet decorated the nursery beyond a few pictures, and with Gramma and Papa back in town, now was our chance.

We started with paint - Morning Sunshine, by Benjamin Moore. I was going for more of a Sharp Cheddar orange, but Chachi preferred something lighter, so we ended up closer to Kraft Singles orange. I think it still looks good, and Miles approves.

Here's the pro in action: