Saturday, November 28, 2009

the bump - week 38

Oops, I repeated an outfit.

more painting!

Another glamorous project, crossed off the list:
  • Paint skylight
  • Paint hall closet
  • Paint window trim
  • Paint stairwell
Which means we've* refinished every floor, wall, and ceiling surface on the entire second floor. Whew!

I might actually miss those dings in the wall...

*And by "we", I mean me, Chachi, Mom, Dad, and the fabulous painting crew we hired for these last few bits.

the bump - week 37

the bump - week 36

glamorous project #2

A mere two days after the new furnace was installed, we had the water heater replaced.

Fun times.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the bump - week 35

glamorous project #1

On Monday, the old asbestos-wrapped ducts were removed:

and on Tuesday, the original behemoth of a furnace (which conked out in, oh, April), was replaced with a shiny new model:

Stay tuned for more sexy home improvements!

bling bling

Chachi wasn't ever very happy with my jewelry storage solution:

So I found a jewelry cabinet on Overstock and we installed it last weekend. Problem solved, and - bonus - now we have a full-length mirror in the room too.