Wednesday, August 18, 2010

go giants

Miles enjoyed his first baseball game, but he's really eager to start watching football with Daddy.

toilet paper bandit

Caught in the act!

And I thought things were safe with him in the jumper...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

our little monkey, take 2

After an uncertain start, Miles is now a huge fan of bananas.

aromatic chicken pilaf

I learned the hard way that quinoa is not a close substitute for bulgar wheat. But even if it was, I still think this dinner would have needed improvement.

careful, your face might freeze like that

Miles really does enjoy his solid food, I swear.

on the move

gated community

Now that Miles is mobile, we need to make sure he doesn't mobilize himself down the stairs. The gate is retractable, which is nice, but I can't say it adds much to the decor...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

light housekeeping

Miles is already pulling his weight around here, helping out with the chores. He enjoys doing the laundry

and he's great with dusting. I think he uses the spit-shine technique.

hardly worth blogging about...

But any completed project is a major achievement these days.

I added the rack for hanging wine glasses in the wasted cabinet space above the range, leaving room in the adjacent cabinet for all of my pumping paraphernalia...

which then left room on the counter for my birthday herbs from Chachi...

all accomplished while Miles was napping.

reinvented classic, modified

Another recipe from America's Test Kitchen's The Best Simple Recipes: Parmesan Chicken with Cherry Tomato Salad. It's their take on the classic Chicken Parm, freshened up with a tomato salad instead of marinara. But we had leftover dill, and no basil. Note to self: don't substitute dill in equal quantity for basil. Still tasty, though. 

jump around!

Miles loves his newest jumping toy!

should have seen this coming

The way Miles was moving around, we should have known he was learning how to pull himself up to standing on his own.

But I was still shocked to find him standing in his crib one day, 5 days before his 7 month birthday. Lordy, we're in trouble now!

The funniest part is how he uses his tongue to help him get up.

she cooks!

From a recipe! Sauteed Chicken with Mustard and Dill Sauce, from America's Test Kitchen's The Best Simple Recipes, to be specific. Not bad, if I do say so myself, and fairly quick too.

beer and tacos

Lunch in our 'hood, enjoying a beer and the long weekend.