Saturday, March 15, 2008

looks good but...

Roasted a beautiful butternut squash and followed Alice Waters' recommendation to make ravioli filling: butter, salt, and a little cream. Spent a good hour+ filling the wonton wrappers and arranging them so lovely on the plate. Unfortunately, the wrappers dried out and stuck to each other, so when I went to boil and saute them for dinner, it took quite a while to separate them and most ended up ripped or mushed. Grrrr.

Also completely burned the marinated steak, oversalted the carrots, and scorched the sugar topping on the kiwi pudding. Ended up in a total meltdown by the time we finished this awful dinner. But Chachi was a good sport about it.

I only used about half the filling on this go-round, so maybe enough time has passed for me to try this again. Put some wonton wrappers on the grocery list!

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