Monday, December 15, 2008

fun with magnets

Ages ago, I was inspired to put our spices in matching tins and organize them alphabetically (how else?) on some sort of magnetic surface. Before we moved, I got everything into the tins, but hadn't found the right spot to arrange them.

I've grown tired of digging through a big box for spices every time I'm cooking, so I finally broke out the glue gun and got to work. We still have quite a few spices in the box, but these should do it for now.

Of all the things I miss about our condo kitchen, the magnetic knife rack is one of bigger things. Since we moved in here, our poor knives have been jumbled up in a drawer with spatulas, wooden spoons, the pizza cutter, an ice cream scoop, and various other tools.

Ikea Hacker posted a hack using two magnetic knife racks from the Big Blue Box. We picked up a pair of the Gruntals a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to assembling them.

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yup 0- fun