Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I practically hit a parked car pulling into the garage tonight, looking up through the kitchen window. Mr. Woo and his team rocked today.

View from the hallway into the kitchen:

Views from where the dining table will be:

Still debating our selection for the countertops. Isao likes the brown, I like the speckled white.

Here's a closer look to help you decide :)

The small 1x1 tile sample is for the backsplash.


Anonymous said...

It's really coming together and looks terrific. I should start sending recipes since you'll finally be able to cook like normal people again.

Mama Struth

maggie said...

Everything is looking BEAUTIFUL! It is too much fun reading your blog and keeping apprised of your progress…

I like both counter tops, though I'm partial to brown :)

Your favorite cousin