Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Try to keep up with this timeline, it moves really quickly.

For Christmas last year, Chachi gave me a gift certificate to Succulence, to take a vertical gardening class.

In May, I took this class (see, moving fast) and made this:

I was really inspired by the class to make a bigger vertical garden, and one suggestion was to use a pallet, which are often free on Craigslist. The end result:

I found a pallet, which required borrowing a friend's suv to bring home. And now it's been sitting in the backyard for mumblemumble months. I might have been a bit ambitious...

So, plan B. I'll return the pallet to the Craigslist sphere, and start smaller.

We removed this grate from the window of the back door when the house was painted. Step one: spray paint!

Step two: add chicken wire backing and then stuff with moss. Check back soon, we're moving at the speed of light here.

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