Sunday, June 7, 2009

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The backyard was a mess, but cleaning it up was pretty far down on our priority list. But, we couldn't host master gardeners for a weekend without getting something done outside.

This is what we started with:

Isao was on a mission to clean up this tree. (Notice the overflowing compost bin.)

Mom and I finally planted the Christmas tree I brought home from the office 6 months ago:

I had a few plants from an impulsive Craigslist purchase months and months ago, so we planted those along with some new bougainvillea. Since the ivy looks good for now, we'll leave it until the bougainvillea get a little bigger.

Not bad for an afternoon's work. Now, if I can just remember to water it once in a while...

Thanks again Mom and Dad!!!

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Fran said...

This "Mom and Dad" workcrew really look like something. Do you pass along contact info so handicapped gardners and handymen(people) like us can tap into their expertise and fantastic work ethic? Also, what is their payscale? I'll bet they are really pricey. . . .