Thursday, June 25, 2009

more from the gardening gurus

The gardening gurus (aka Mama & Papa Struth) weren't content with just spiffing up the backyard. Oh no.

We also planted seeds from a vine in their own garden, which has taken root quite nicely:
You can practically watch these things growing, it's amazing. We'll plan them outside soon, to help cover up the chain link fence.

We also replanted the front patch, again. Third time's a charm right??

(The "second" time was my attempt to let the flowery weeds that crowded out the lavender have their way with the space. They died as soon as the rain stopped.)

And finally, we planted two tomato plants and a basil plant. These are 50-day Early Girls, which means we should have some cherry tomato-type tomatoes sometime in mid-July. Can't wait!

The back patch is doing well so far, and I've remembered to water it at least once each week. Everything we planted (except perhaps the tree) is drought-resistant, so hopefully once each one takes root, we should be ok with just an occasional watering during the rain-less summer months.

Well, that last calla lily might not make it. But I have my fingers crossed for everything else.

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