Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ikea inspiration

Chachi graciously allowed me a few hours at Ikea by myself. It was like a vacation.

These tables would be fun with a coat of bold spray paint - just the metal rims, for a pop of color.

I have ambitious plans for a dresser makeover for Miles, and these knobs would be fun, though I'd prefer a matte finish.

I'm not sure I have the DIY skills to pull this off, but this bowl would make a really cool pendant lampshade.

Again, a coat of spray paint in a bold color would make these pendants really pop.

I liked these little glass bowls so much I got a set in green. They match our kitchen tiles perfectly!

I think this tea pot is super-cute

and paired with a set of these glass mugs, it would make a great hostess or housewarming gift.

If Chachi ever lets me hang anything on the living room walls, these square frames would be a nice option.

These doormats are nice the way they are, or add a border or monogram with spray paint and a stencil.

I wondered around and let the creative juices flow for over 3 hours, but I spent less than $100. Ok, well, just over $100 - I couldn't resist the $1.50 hot dog/ice cream cone combo at the end.

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