Sunday, August 19, 2012

the never-ending project

That should be the theme of this blog...

When we moved in, we removed the sliding doors on the closets in both bedrooms (because they were ugly) and planned to install a rod with nice curtains instead; that was August 2008. We should have done this before we had the floors refinished, because the floor under the track didn't get refinished, but the folks that did the floors in our kitchen remodel (April 2009) took care of that.

Fast forward to late summer/fall of 2010, when we had a handyman install this curtain wire from Ikea, among other things. (I must have been embarrassed it took us so long, because I don't have any photos from the handyman's tasks.)

It then took me forever and a day to find curtains to hang on it; I ended up using twin sheets. After a not-insignificant amount of time spent washing and ironing said curtains, Miles ended up yanking them to the floor in no time flat.

Admittedly, the hooks that come with these wires are wimpy at best, so I bought shower curtain hooks to use instead. But that meant I needed holes in the curtains to attach to the hooks. The woman at my favorite alterations place probably thought I was a bit crazy - button holes? in sheets? - but she managed to do what I needed.

Or what I thought I needed. The button holes were spaced too far apart, so the fabric in between was too droopy. So... back to alterations for more button holes. That only took me another 6 weeks.

Finally, button holes properly spaced, curtains washed and ironed, and tah-daaahhh!

I know, it doesn't get much more anti-climactic than that.

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