Friday, August 17, 2012

xmas in july

This project (inspired by something else earlier, but similar project here) has only been on my Do List for months years. I originally planned to use the leftover tester pots from this project, but they dried up while I procrastinated, so I decided to stick with the leftovers from what we actually used on the walls. I was determined to do it before we moved, mostly because I didn't want to drag the old paint with us.

I pulled out the three colors we've used around the house, empty clear glass ornament bulbs, and a few plastic pipettes from an old craft kit, and got to work.

Not exactly what I expected, but nice enough.

I actually prefer the look of what drained out of the bulbs after I left them upside down overnight to dry.

If we manage to buy a house and move in before Christmas this year, we'll hang them on the tree!

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